Vapor Recovery Solutions - The Complete Solution


From Initial Production to the End of the Decline Curve


Making Quad O Profitable at the Tank Battery, Maximizing Wellhead Production

VR Tank

Vapor Recovery Tanks

When installed at the tank facility, the VRTank makes selling tank vapors O2 free possible, and later when compression is not economical allows the Heater Treater Retro-Fit to work seamlessly. The cost of the VRTank is approximately half of a VRTower.

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Compressor Unit

VRSQ Compressors

The VRS Compressor's modular design allows operators to downsize without mobilization and demobilization costs, while reducing monthly charges. Then, when the compressor becomes un-economical it can be removed easily and the tank vapors routed to the Heater Treater Retro-Fit.

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Heater Treater Retrofit

Heater Treater Retro-Fit

The Retro-Fit to the heater treater combined with the VRTank enables operators to continue vapor recovery throughout the life of the well without the added expense of a compressor, combustor or flare. This is also exempt from EPA required testing and monitoring. 

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