Vapor Recovery Tank

Vapor Recovery Tank


Provisional Patented Design

Installed as the first tank that oil enters on your tank battery

  • VRTank creates a positive pressure environment for tank vapors to be collected without O2 being introduced due to tank gauging, or during custody transfer
  • VRTank takes the place of the process tower at ½ to ¾ of the cost.

  • VRTank allows a residency time of liquids that is 18X the tower option, providing a better separation of vapors, BS&W, and increased capacity.

  • VRTank allows compression to work from IP until compression is no longer economical

  • When compression is removed due to economics, but, production levels are still great enough to violate Quad O, The VRTank provides the necessary environment to send VOC’s to a Patent Pending Retrofit on existing Heater Treaters, instead of purchasing a combustor.

  • VRTank increased residency time cuts down on BS&W in the stock tanks, rejected loads, chemicals, pulling tank bottoms, circulating pumps, and working oil. This savings will in most cases pay for the VRTank if installed prior to initial production.